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Covetrus Brand Transition

Same trusted products, fresh new look

Packaging updates are coming to your favorite private brand products.

Covetrus Label Transition


Covetrus Brand Label Transition Guide

We’re excited to be delivering a fresh new look to our full line of Covetrus Brand products. Along with updated packaging and labels comes a reboot to some of our legacy product names that you’ve come to know and trust. We have streamlined and simplified things a bit, but we remain committed to delivering the same quality and reliable products behind the Covetrus Brand name. View product detailers.

To help you navigate through this new transition we have created a Covetrus Brand Label Transition Guide as a quick reference for the product names impacted by this transition. Select a category below to view products impacted.

Diagnostics LaboratoryTest MediaDermatectDermatophyte Test Medium (DTM)
Fecal TestsFecatectFecal Float Solution
FecatectorFecal Sample Collection Kit
Test Strips & ReadersVet-GlucoGaugeGlucose Meter Kit & Strips
Facility SuppliesPremise DisinfectantsEnClenzMulti-Enzyme Detergent
FoodsTreatsLean TreatsLean Treats
Pill PalsPill Pals
Trusted TranersTrusted Trainers
NutraceuticalsFatty AcidsOmega EFAOmega 3
Omega FFOmega 3 Plus+ Twist Tips
Omega Tri-VOmega 3 Plus+ Soft Gels
GI SupportBismuPasteBismuth Subsalicylate Paste
GastroCoteBismuth Subsalicylate Suspension
Joint SupportRevacanJoint Support with UC-II
Revacan UltraJoint Support Plus with HA
S3 SynovialSynovial Support
S3 PremiumSynovial Support Plus+
Vet Classics Re-FlexGlucosamine GCM Tablets
ParasiticidesEndectocidesParid EQIvermectin
PharmaceuticalsAnalgesicsTorphaJectButorphanol Tartrate Injection
AnestheticsIsothesiaIsoflurane, USP
KetathesiaKetamine HCI
LidoJectLidocaine Injection
SevothesiaSevoflurane, USP
Antacid and Absorbent PrepsKaopectolinKaolin Pectin
PolymagMagnesium Hydroxide
AntifungalsMicazoleMiconazole Nitrate
AntihistamineCortilol HHC Leave-on
AntiinflammatoriesButaJectPhenylbutazone Injection
ButaPastePhenylbutazone Paste
ButaTabsPhenylbutazone Boluses
CarproChewsCarprofren Chewable Tablets
CarproJectCarprofen Injection
CarproPletsCarprofen Caplets
EloxiJectMeloxicam Injection
EloxiOralMeloxicam Oral Suspension
FlunixiJectFlunixin Meglumine Injection
PrednisTabsPrednisolone Tablets
Antimicrobial AgentsClinDropsClindamycin HCI
GentaFuseGentamicin Sulfate Solution
AntisepticsChlorilol CKCHX+KET Leave-on
PovidermPovidone Iodine
Autonomic DrugsAtroJectAtropine Sulfate Injection
Dental Care PreparationsEnzy-ChewsDental Rawhide Enzymatic Chews
Derm Top Anti-InfectivesGentaSprayGentamicin / Betamethasone Topical Spray
QuadritopQuadruple Topical Ointment
Dermatologic PreparationsHydro BBurow's Solution
PhytoVet CPhyto CHX
PhytoVet CKPhyto CHX+KET
PhytoVet EFAPhyto EFA
PhytoVet KETPhyto KET
PhytoVet MCPhyto CHX+MC
PhytoVet MicellarPhyto Micellar
PhytoVet PPhyto P
SilVet CSilver CHX
SilVet ESSilver EL+S
SilVet LSilver L
SilVet MCSilver CHX+MC
SilVet PSilver P
DiureticsFuroJectFurosemide Injection
FuroQuidFurosemide Syrup
FuroTabsFurosemide Tablets
MannijectMannitol Injection
Euthanasia AgentsSocumbPentobarbital
SomnaSolEuthanasia III
Fluid Therapy/ElectrolytesCal MPKCAL-DEX CMPK
DexaLyteElectrolyte Solution with Dextrose
PolyLitesElectrolyte Supplement
Hormones and AnalogsThyroxine LLevothyroxine
LaxativesLaxanipHairball Prep
LubricantsLubrivetLubricating Jelly
Otic PreparationsGentaOticGentamicin / Betamethasone Otic Solution
Maxi-OticTriple Max Otic (Mometasone, Gentamicin, Clotrimazole)
OtiBioticTriple Otic (Clotrimazole, Gentamicin, Betamethasone)
PhytoVet Ear Cleansing SolutionPhyto Otic Solution
SilVet AA Otic RinceSilver Otic Rinse
Pancreatic EnzymesPancreaPowderPancreatic Enzyme Powder
PancreaTabsPancreatic Enzyme Tablets
PoulticesMagnaPasteEpsom Salt Poultice
Sedatives and TranquilizersAceproJectAcepromazine Injection
AceproTabsAcepromazine Tablets
X-JectXylazine Injection
Vitamins Minerals and SupplementsAminoplexAmino Acid Plus
Cal NateCalcium Gluconate
K-CapsPhytonadione Capsules
K-ChewsPhytonadione Chew Tablets
Pet VitesEssential Vitamins and Minerals
PotassiGelPotassium Gluconate Gel
PotassiPowderPotassium Gluconate Powder
PotassiTabsPotassium Gluconate Tablets
SupplicalVeterinar Nutritional Supplement
Wound Care & White GoodsCohesive BandageVetFlexFlexible Cohesive Bandages
Wound ClosureLiquid BandageVetclose Surgical GlueSurgical Skin Glue
Gut SutureChromic GutChromic Gut
Silk SutureSilkSilk
Synthetic Absorbable SutureMonsorbPDO
PGA SwiftPGA Swift
Synthetic Non-Absorb SutureMonofilNylon Black
PolyamidNylon White / Yellow
PropylGloPPO Fluorescent
X-Ray and ImagingX-Ray Positioners and CalipersPet-Sitioners Pet Positioners


Product detailers

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