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  • An early diagnosis of cancer may increase a pet’s chance for recovery. Clients need to know how to watch for the warning signs.

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  • There are many cancers in the animal world, and the type of cancer dictates the type of therapy used.

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  • The leading cause of death in pets over 10 is CANCER. If you are doing regular ultrasounds and diagnostics, you will find cancer. Bringing oncology into your clinic makes practical and fiscal sense, as well as adding value in the eyes of your clients.

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  • We have hospital proformas based upon the income and expenses of cancer care with Oncura Partners. Use of the OCMS removes many management issues from the day to day need within your hospital. Some important considerations of the “business” around oncology care. By using Oncura Partners OCMS:

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  • The average veterinarian will diagnose 5 new cases of cancer in dogs and 2.3 new cases of cancer in cats each month. This equals 88 cases for each veterinarian every year (Brakke Consulting – 2002 Cancer Study). How are you managing these cases? Do you have the proper and most current recommendations at your finger tips?

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