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Have You Assessed Your Practice’s Health?

October 24, 2023

Is Your Practice Healthy?

Cloud-based technology solves practical challenges

Minor inefficiencies may seem trivial when a team member takes a few extra minutes here and a few extra steps there to complete what should be a simple task. However, these small time losses take a cumulative toll on your practice’s health. In an era when veterinary practices are stretching team members to maximum capacity, you need veterinary software that optimizes day-to-day operations and liberates veterinary professionals to focus on patient care and the client experience.

Cloud-based (i.e., serverless) veterinary software options provide the convenience, versatility, and power that today’s thriving teams need to develop more efficient work practices, create resilient internal systems and protocols, and support robust practice health.

Caring for the caregivers: How software shapes veterinary team wellbeing

Inefficiency doesn’t simply decrease your revenue. Shortfalls can compromise your team’s morale and contribute to burnout. While veterinary work should be gratifying and energizing, unnecessarily time-consuming menial and repetitive tasks steal team members’ energy, resulting in frustration, fatigue, and dissatisfaction.

Stephanie Foster, director of customer education at Covetrus® said, “If you can create a really efficient ecosystem in your practice where your processes, your people, and your technology are all aligned, then you create a happy, healthy culture for your team.”

According to a Covetrus survey, veterinary practices using Covetrus Pulse—the industry’s first cloud-based Veterinary Operating System (vOS)—experienced time savings of approximately 45 minutes per day, and increased efficiency by up to 10%.1 This efficiency gain is the result of powerful workflow shifts such as:

  • Templates — Practice management is at the core of Pulse, and this is where users manage patient medical records, treatment plans, invoicing, inventory, and more. Pulse leverages automations and templates to help practice staff get more work done with less, reducing administrative burdens so teams can focus on caring for animals.
  • Integrations — Through integrations with other Covetrus solutions and third-party veterinary software, Pulse simplifies administrative tasks such as reminding clients about appointments, creating prescriptions, ordering diagnostic tests, and processing payments.
  • User-friendly design — A simple interface means your team can work with speed and confidence, spending less time toggling between applications and more time providing patients hands-on care and service.
  • Remote accessibility — Pulse allows veterinary team members to provide care anywhere, anytime with an internet-ready device.

Equipping your team with software that enhances their productivity without increasing their workload gives them the time and headspace to perform the work they love at its highest level. Pulse can help reduce your team members’ attrition rate, increase your patients’ and clients’ satisfaction, and enhance the health of your practice.

Money matters: How software shapes your practice’s financial health

Pulse streamlines complex reporting by bringing all your data into one system, offering a microscopic look at your practice’s monthly, quarterly, and annual activity. These gleanings can help you target areas in which your team can improve their efficiency such as by forward booking wellness appointments to eliminate scheduling requests and service reminder solicitations.

Detailed reporting allows you to monitor your practice’s health, because the software tracks the organization’s vital signs (e.g., revenue, profit, inventory, production, new clients, active versus inactive patients). Your practice can leverage these reports to identify trends and, if needed, course correct toward a better, healthier practice future.

Lasting connections: How software shapes the client-veterinary experience

Clients don’t always recognize the quality of their pets’ care, so they rely on their personal interactions with your practice’s team members to determine where they’ll take their future business. Common inefficiencies caused by outdated technology, long wait times, and poor communication have a negative impact on client loyalty, especially among millennial pet owners who expect individualized attention from the veterinarian-client relationship.

When your practice uses cloud-based technologies, you convey a commitment to client service by meeting today’s pet owners where they are and delivering an exceptional, convenient, and expected veterinary experience. Pulse integrates with other Covetrus solutions and third-party veterinary software to provide clients with many benefits such as:

  • Convenient communication channels — Today’s clients appreciate text and in-app messaging for immediate, real-time communication. The convenience of these options increases client engagement and strengthens the veterinary-client relationship inside and outside the exam room.
  • Streamlined visits — Online scheduling, text and email reminders, and integrated payment processing take the hassle and lag time out of a pet’s veterinary visit and allow teams to provide more personalized service.
  • Greater visibility into their pet’s care — Pulse brings pet health data from a wide range of sources into one location, helping to ensure a complete medical record for each patient. This provides you with greater visibility into the pet’s health and enables you to give pet owners better visibility as well—from diagnosis to treatment and prevention— so they can be more active participants in their pet’s care.

Cloud-based veterinary software can resolve your veterinary practice team’s day-to-day inefficiencies and help drive sustainable growth. As the industry’s first vOS, Pulse takes cloud-based convenience and accessibility to the next level by providing a centralized system to manage all of your veterinary operations. By consolidating all your must-have applications into a single system, Pulse delivers a high-efficiency experience for practices and team members to thrive, contributing to healthier patients and stronger client-practice relationships. Visit the Covetrus® Pulse page to discover what Pulse can do for your practice.


1. Study Reveals New Covetrus Technology Saves Time, Provides Relief to Overworked, Understaffed Veterinary Practices. Covetrus.; Accessed August 17, 2023.

Additional source:
Jones, L., Zirkle, K.  Five metrics veterinary practices should track. Veterinary Practice News.; Accessed August 17, 2023.

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